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Working with the Weather

Last night I headed down to Sandbanks during the horrendous downpour of rain to see what potential there was for some photography. After trying to take some landscape shots down on the water, I realised it just wasn't working. The rain was splashing all over the front element and the last minute attempt at covering the camera with a sandwich bag wasn't protecting much! 

However, on the way back to the car I caught some fisherman gathering bait for later that evening and managed to grab this little shot of them hard at work as the tide ventured in. Now that's what you call commitment! 

So remember, next time you are out shooting for a certain composition, turn around and see what's going on around you. I am currently trying to get out of the habit of placing a tripod down and framing my shot, instead, it is much better to look around your surroundings by taking the camera off the tripod and explore different perspectives before standing in a chosen spot.