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Golden Hour at Durdle Door

Landscape Photography

So, it looks like the sunny weather is back...

On Wednesday I decided to make the most of the weather by heading back out for sunset on the Jurassic Coast. I am super fortunate enough to live only 35 minutes away from Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door so packed my gear, got in the car, and headed down for 7:30pm (giving me a good hour and a half to capture the golden hour before sunset). 

Top Tip - Did you know that you can park at the Durdle Door Car Park free from 7pm until when it closes at 10pm (perfect for those summer sunsets)

After playing around with settings and getting a feel for the location again, I made my way down the steps to search for an interesting composition which I had never shot before. Then I came across the old steps which, were replaced by the new ones back in 2015 after slowly deteriorating and crumbling down to the beach. At first I took a landscape shot which got everything in frame thanks to the super wide Batis 18mm lens:

I then started to look closer at what story this image could tell, how it could draw the viewer into the photo and feel like they were standing right there on the step. The old steps create this beautiful 'S' shape down to the beach, with the shape of the sea leading out towards Bat's Head - it was at this point I knew it had to be a portrait shot. 

I stayed in this position both during and after the sunset and when I got back to edit them, really couldn't decide between the two. On one side (Left) you have the sun peaking over the cliffs creating this starburst effect which shines an intense light on the foreground and emphasises the ripples in the water, where on the other side (Right) you have a more balanced image as the sun sets behind the cliff, lighting up the sky with a silky smooth sea. Which image do you prefer? let me know in the comments section below. Maybe I can provide the original RAW file for you to edit yourselves and then we can compare... food for thought!