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How dirty was the sensor on my Sony A7ii?

Camera Maintenance

I am always super careful when it comes to looking after my gear, regular lens cleaning, stripping down of tripods, the works. However, after one and a half years of ownership, I had never seen the need to clean my camera sensor. This wasn’t until I got serious about Landscape Photography and started noticing multiple dust spots, in the same position, on every photo I took!

Sony A7ii Dirty Sensor

As you can imagine, spending countless hours in Photoshop removing these marks and blemishes got very tiresome, even after using a dust blower, the marks were still clearly visible and my only option was to drop it off at my local camera shop (Castle Cameras – who I highly recommend to anyone in and around Dorset) to get it professionally wet cleaned.

I can tell you this, when you get into the habit of taking your camera with you everywhere you go, every day, not having access to it for four days was extremely hard! But as soon as I got the A7ii back and was able to take a test shot to compare with the before, it was totally worth it – take a look for yourselves:

Before and After Sensor Clean

Moral of the story is, make sure to look after your gear and get it cleaned/serviced regularly to ensure it performs optimally in the field, not leave it too late like myself that it became a headache when post processing any image.