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Week in the Life of a Landscape Photographer

Landscape Photography

Down here on the South Coast of Dorset we have had a great week of weather, from clear blue skies to storm clouds and thunderstorms, there have been so many opportunities to get out and do some landscape photography - here are a few shots I managed to take this past week. 

Monday 22nd May 2017

It started off with a trip back down to Kimmeridge Bay, one of my favorite locations in the South for long exposure photography. The sky turned a stunning pink and orange, lighting up the entire sky and reflecting on the calm water below.

You can see in the image above a single rock, this straight away caught my attention and as I only use prime lenses, the only way to get closer was to get the shoes off, roll up the trousers and get in the water. 

Saturday 27th May 2017

Who would have thought that the evening after, we would be joined by serious thunder and lightning storms that we haven't had in years...

The following shots were, unfortunately, all I could grab at 3am in the morning from the comfort of my own garden (I didn't fancy the risk of standing in open ground with a large metal tripod). Thanks to the Bournemouth Daily Echo for featuring my images over the bank holiday weekend - you can see them here along with some other great shots taken by fellow photographers. 

Tuesday 30th May 2017

On Tuesday, I got home from work, grabbed my gear and got back out for sunset to try and capture a moody composition as the storm clouds decide to pass. It was a quick 10-minute drive down to Lake Pier in Hamworthy and the skies were perfect for a super long exposure. I set the tripod up as sturdy as I could on the pier, composed my frame, focused to the end of the pier and took the shot.

I then decided to recompose my shot and go for a longer exposure to really emphasis the movement in the clouds. Hoping for no sudden movements on the pier, I used the LEE Big Stopper (go back to my previous blog post to see what's in my bag) to allow for a seven minute exposure and thankfully, managed to capture this, my favourite shot of the night:

I'm currently editing through last nights RAW files taken at Durdle Door where, I was looking to capture something slightly different to the normal pictures you see of the national landmark. If you head on over to my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you can see behind the scenes as I searched for a unique picture of last nights sunset.