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L.Type Prints Review for Landscape Photography

I got my hands on some 400PPI prints from the team over at L.Type and here's an honest review after seeing some of my landscape photographs in print. (Discount Code Below)

L.Type Prints Review for Landscape Photographers

I'm a firm believer in printing out your work and feel that it's the most rewarding part of the landscape photography process. The age of social media has seen a decline in print sales but there is honestly no substitute for seeing your photographs in print. I'm always up for a collaboration so when I got an email from L.Type asking if I'd be interested in receiving some sample prints of my work, in exchange for an honest review, of course I said yes and couldn't wait to receive them in the post. 

First Impressions

Firstly, the turnaround time from issuing my TIFF files via WeTransfer, to turning up at my door was incredibly quick - within 48 hours to be precise. Arriving in a hardboard sturdy envelope, the L.Type packaging screams high-quality from the get-go with a satin finished, black envelope with the prints vacuum packed inside. 

The paper itself is from the FujiFilm Crystal Archive Professional range and is 530gsm making it a very thick paper that feels super luxurious.  I tend to either keep the prints as they are or frame them ready for hanging, and I wouldn't hesitate using this paper for either uses.  

L.Type Prints Review for Landscape Photographers

Print Examples

I'm currently working on my 2019 Calendar so have spent some good time going through my portfolio of shots, therefore, I sent five of my calendar contenders off to L.Type to see how they'd look in print. I must mention that my monitor is calibrated regularly with the Spyder5Pro to ensure I can edit as accurately as possible. Now, let's take a look: 

Print Quality


I always struggle when it comes to getting colours printed accurately, as I see them on my monitor. Even with it calibrated, the art of proofing to match paper types is a whole other subject and something I could really improve on. The team over at L.Type have absolutely nailed this process. The colours are vibrant, strong and match my digital edits perfectly, very impressive indeed. 


When they told me that my prints would be printed at an ultra-high resolution of 400ppi, I had no idea what to expect. I'm so used to exporting my files at 300dpi so to see what could be achieved at this resolution was super exciting. I must say, even on my full-frame 24mp Sony A7ii, the details and sharpness of each print was sublime. I can only imagine how amazing the details captured by a 42mp A7riii would look printed this way. I'm a bit of a pixel-peeper and always find myself zooming in 1:1 to review image sharpness, that's why I use sharp prime lenses like the Zeiss Batis 18mm (you can read my full review of this lens here) so was super happy to see this reflected in each print. The only thing I would say is make sure you manually sharpen your images in post-production at 1:1 scale before sending off to print, this way you can make sure you haven't over sharpened your image. 


I know how hard it is to find a printing company that produces colour-accurate prints from your digital files, it took me months before I discovered the great guys over at Fine Art Ink and only then, did I appreciate high-quality prints. I honestly can't fault the print quality from L.Type and have been super impressed with the colours and sharpness from there custom built printers. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to get some of the highest quality prints available in the UK. 

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