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My Lightroom Workflow for Landscape Photography

Dorset Landscape Photography

It's safe to say yesterday was a very productive day for photography. What started out with shooting the milky way in the early hours of the morning and catching the sunrise at Durdle Door led to this stunning sunset at Sandbanks in the evening.

I have never produced any sort of tutorial/video before explaining my editing process but thought why not, let's see who is really interested in what happens after pressing that shutter! I try to keep my photos looking as natural as possible, without over editing, as when I started out with photography I used to rely solely on post processing to save my images - this is definitely not recommended as it is easy to see when a photo is "over edited".  Anyway, check out my first video on YouTube below and let me know if you would want to see more in the near future.

My intentions for this photo were to focus solely on the single boat floating right in front of the setting sun. Therefore, I tried to remove all distractions as naturally as possible in Photoshop to put focus in the centre of the image. Please see below for the final edit:

Finished Edit - Original RAW File processed in Lightroom and Photoshop

Finished Edit - Original RAW File processed in Lightroom and Photoshop