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The Best Location for Landscape Photography in Dorset?

Landscape Photography at Kimmeridge Bay

It’s safe to say Dorset is a landscape photographer’s paradise. You are never far from a local landmark, stunning inland views or dramatic coastline to explore. There is however, one place that has got me returning time after time. Kimmeridge Bay.  

My first visit to Kimmeridge Bay with a camera was back in February 2017 (The first image taken above was the first shot I took here), where I instantly fell in love with the coast and knew that from that moment, landscape photography would be a hobby for life.  

I’ve probably returned over twenty times since then and upon each visit, I always come away with a new composition, a memory that I’m fortunate enough to be able to share with others.  

I’ll never forget the afternoon where I captured the image opposite. It was a cold, wet afternoon and I spent a good 3 hours walking around, working with the textures from the protruding rock faces.  

My tripod was all setup, the tide was coming in and with ten minutes to go before the sunset, the clouds cleared on the horizon and an incredible light flooded the sky. 

In my eyes, Kimmeridge is the type of location that can be shot in all conditions – low tide with bright blue skies or high tide with storm clouds brewing on the horizon, you’ll always come away with something new. 

Remember, be sure to check tide times before visiting - when the tide is low, the rocks on show can be extremely slippery so appropriate footwear is a must.  

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