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The Wonderful World of YouTube for Landscape Photography

If you are looking at getting into photography, I'd highly recommend checking out these awesome YouTube Vloggers...

There's something so therapeutic about sitting down with a coffee and watching one of these great vloggers share their passion for photography:

1. Thomas Heaton - Landscape Photographer

In my eyes, the original and best landscape photographer on YouTube. Thomas Heaton started his channel in 2014 and after I discovered his page in early 2015, I've been hooked on following his journey. His videos are so engaging, he gives great tips on how to up your game and whenever I have a dull spell, watching one of his videos will give me the motivation to get out there with my camera. You'll also no doubt pick up his famous phrase "Absolutely Stunning" without even thinking about it...

2. Peter McKinnon - Cinematographer and Photographer

Although Peter doesn't specialise in landscape photography, his pure enthusiasm, skill and eye for the shot is truly inspiring. Watching his page explode over the past year has been amazing and in that time, I've picked up loads of tips and tricks and would recommend anyone to check out his videos. This is one of my all time favourites from Peter and is well worth a watch:

3. Simon Baxter - Woodland Photography

In my eyes, woodland photography can be one of the most challenging types of landscape photography, but it never sees to amaze me how easy Simon makes it look. His eye for detail is extraordinary and his videos are great for when you are struggling to find a good composition. As soon as you watch one of his videos, you'll see how his work is a true piece of art. Plus, he's an all round awesome guy and is very active on his social media platforms - go give him a follow over on instagram

YouTube has become a fundamental learning platform that in the correct hands, can basically be used as a free online university. Although there is no better way to learn than getting out there with a camera, taking pictures and learning first hand about photography, I could easily say I watch at least 5 hours of YouTube videos a week and it's helped me improve so much.